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1794 University of Tennessee Founded in Knoxville.
1802 Cragfront in Castalian Springs.
1813 Oatlands Plantation in Murfreesboro.
1816 James K. Polk Home in Columbia.
1819 Rachel’s Garden at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage by William Frost
1822 City Cemetery Nashville.
1848 Rhodes College Founded in Memphis.
1850 Bickford Park – Memphis.
1852 Elmwood Cemetery – Memphis established. (national register property).
1852 Belmont Mansion and Gardens by August Heinman
1855 Old Grey Cemetery – Knoxville established.
1856 Mount Olivet Cemetery Nashville.
1867 Fort Donelson near Dover and Stones River National Cemeteries established.
1868-1874 Central Park – Memphis.
1869 Mount Ararat Cemetery Nashville.
1870 Watkins Park – Nashville established.
1871-1877 Tennessee State Capitol Grounds, Nashville, by John Bogart
1875 Railroad or Central Park in Union City established.
1884 Nashville West Side Park Race Track by Julius Pitzman (now part of Centennial Park)
1885 Spring Park, Nashville’s first “streetcar” park established.
1887-late 1920s East End Park, a “streetcar” park operated in Memphis.
1888 Woodstock Park later Glendale Park, a “streetcar” park established in Nashville.
Glendale Park – Nashville established.
1888 Greenwood Cemetery Nashville.
1889 Cherokee Park, Nashville’s third “streetcar” park established.
1890 Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park established (national register property)
1891 St. Cloud Hills Subdivision Nashville by Olmsted Brothers.
1890 Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park established (national register property)
1894 Shiloh National Military Park established (national register property).
1897 Nashville Centennial Grounds (Anetheum) , W. F. Josolyne, landscape architect.
1899 Church Park established in Memphis.
1899 Gifford Pinchot and Carl Schenck consult on the University of the South forests.
1900 Memphis Park Board established.
1900 Memphis Park System Master Plan by George Kessler
Overton Park
Forrest Park
Confederate Park
Riverside Park
1900-1905 Master Plan for Bemis, Tennessee by Arthur Shurcliff.
1901 Nashville park board established.
1901 Belle Meade Country Club opened with course designed by Donald Ross.
1901 Upper Montclair Country Club designed by
1903 Grounds of the National Soldier’s Home, Johnson City, Tennessee, by Harold Caparn and Carl Anderson
1905 Jackson Station Grounds by George Kessler
1905 Lancaster Park in Jackson opens (design perhaps by George Kessler).
1905 D. P. Montague Residence Chattanooga
1905 General Plan for Kingsport, Tennessee by John Nolen.
1905 Kessler Plan for Vanderbilt University
1905 Memphis Country Club formed (course was redesigned by Donald Ross in 1917)
1906 Thomas J. Felder Residence Nashville by Olmsted Brothers
1907 Cherokee Country Club of Knoxville by Donald Ross
1907-1908 Fairyland Park Memphis opens. It is later destroyed by fire.
1909 University of Memphis founded in Memphis as West Tennessee State University.
1909 Laitenberger’s Beer Garden is purchased to form Morgan’s Park in Nashville
1910 Appallachian Exposition in Chillowee Park in Knoxville.
1911 Park and Boulevard Plan for Chattanooga, Tennessee by John Nolen
1911 Middle Tennessee State University founded in Murfreesburo.
1911 East Tennessee State University founded in Johnson City.
1911-1912 Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville by Warren Manning [1860-1938].

1911-1912 George Peabody School for Teachers in Nashville by Warren Manning.

1912 Hadley Park – Nashville established.
1912 Tennessee State University established.
1913-1914 Douglass Park – Memphis’ first public park for blacks established.
1914 Belmont College campus plan in Nashville by Warren Manning.

1914 Private Estates for William M. Lesley in Chattanooga by Warren Manning.
1914 Tennessee Golf Association formed at Memphis Country Club.
1914 Athletic Fields and Playground at Southern Pacific Railyards in Memphis by George Kessler
1914-1919 World War I is fought is Europe.
1915-1917 Lincoln Memorial University campus plan in Harrogate by Warren Manning.

1916-1922 University of the South Campus Plan in Swanee by Olmsted Brothers.

1918 Signal Mountain Golf Course

1919 Johnson City Country Club by A. W. Tillinghast

1921 National State Parks Convention held in Tennessee.

1921 Appalachian Trail Concept by Benton MacKaye.
1922 Chattanooga Golf and Country Club by Donald Ross
1922-1923 Real Estate Subdivision for Bruce I Crabtree Chattanooga by Warren Manning.
1923 A. F. Sanford Residence Knoxville by Olmsted Brothers.
1923-1927 Roland W. Olmsted Residence by Olmsted Brothers.
1924 Fairyland Subdivision, Lookout Mountain 1924 Chattanooga by Warren Manning.
1924 A. F. Sanford’ Boxwood” in Knoxville by Olmsted Brothers.
1924 Harland Bartholemew Plan for Memphis.
1924-1925 Private Estates for Robert J. MacLellan in Chattanooga by Warren Manning.

1925 Tennessee State Parks and Forestry Commission Established.

1925 Private Estates for Mrs. Henry Overton Ewing, Lookout Mountain TN by Warren Manning.

1925 Private Estates for the Honorable Newell Sanders in Lookout Mountain by Warren Manning.

1925 Town of Lookout Mountain parks & parkways plan by Warren Manning.

1925 Parks and Parkways Planning for the Lookout Mountain Garden Club by Warren Manning.

1925 Lookout Mountain Park by Olmsted Brothers (also 1928-1929).

1925-1928 Herbert Farrell Residence Nashville by Olmsted Brothers.

1926 Harland Bartholemew hired as Nashville park planner.

1926 Carrier Hall, the residence of Robert M. Carrier, 642 S. Willett in Memphis by Bryant Fleming.

1926 City & town planning for Eleventh Street Realty Company Chattanooga by Warren Manning.

1926 Real Estate Subdivision for Eleventh Street Realty Company Chattanooga by Warren Manning.

1926 Small Home Grounds for Mrs. E. Y. Chapin in Signal Mountain by Warren Manning.
1926 Private Estates for Alfred H. Thatcher in Lookout Mountain by Warren Manning.

1926 Small Home Grounds for Mrs. W. B. Miller in Lookout Mountain by Warren Manning.

1926 Private Estates for Morris E. Temple in Lookout Mountain TN by Warren Manning.

1926 Small Home Grounds for Mrs. Richard Thatcher in Lookout Mountain by Warren Manning.

1926 Small Home Grounds for Mrs. W. J. Dodge in Lookout Mountain by Warren Manning.

1926 Small Home Grounds for Mrs. Will O. Martin in Lookout Mountain by Warren Manning.

1926 Small Home Grounds for Mrs. Dyer Butterfield in Lookout Mountain by Warren Manning.

1926 Small Home Grounds for Mrs. S. Brunswick Lowe, S. Brunswick in Lookout Mountain by Warren Manning.
1926 Small Home Grounds for Henry King in Lookout Mountain by Warren Manning.

1926 Small Home Grounds for T. Walter Fred in Lookout Mountain by Warren Manning.

1926 Small Home Grounds for Mrs. C. M. Willingham in Lookout Mountain by Warren Manning.

1926 Hunt Club in Lookout Mountain by Warren Manning

1926 Brainerd Country Club of Chattanooga by Donald Ross

1927 Holston Hills Golf and Country Club of Knoxville by Donald Ross

Ridgefield Country Club of Kingsport by Donald Ross

1927 Hugh Sanford Residence Knoxville by Olmsted Brothers

1927 Edwin Warner and Percy Warner Parks open in Nashville.

1927-1928 Cherokee Park Subdivision in Nashville by Olmsted Brothers.
1927-1955 Kingsport Cemetery by Olmsted Brothers.
1928 McCallie School Chattanooga school grounds by Warren Manning.

1928 Arthur Allen Residence in Nashville by Bryant Fleming.

1928 “Rostrevor” for W. C. Rosses, Knoxville.
1928 Guilford Dudley Residence in Nashville by Bryant Fleming.
1929 The United States Stock Market crashes in 1929.
1929 George Schwab Residence, Harding Road, Nashville by Bryant Fleming.
1929 Subdivision for Lookout Mountain Holding Company in Lookout Mountain by Warren Manning.

1929-1930 Fisk University Campus Plan Nashville by Olmsted Brothers.

1929-1932 Cheekwood by Bryant Fleming [1877-1946].
1930 “Watersmeet” for C. Runcie Clements in Nashville by Bryant Fleming.
c. 1930 “Brookhill”, home of Mrs. Ralph Owen in Nashville by Bryant Fleming.
c. 1930 Warner Parks by Bryant Fleming.
1931-1932 Mr. King and Mrs. Leroy Residence in Memphis by Bryant Fleming.
1931 Mr. T.J. Tyne, Jr. Residence in Nashville by Bryant Fleming.
1932 Frieda Carter’s Rock City Gardens open in Lookout Mountain.
1933 Earle Sumner Draper Plan for Norris, Tennessee
1933-1937 Woodmont Estates Nashville by Olmsted Brothers.
1934 American Association of Foresters meet in Knoxville.
1934 Big Ridge State Park developed by CCC.
1934 Great Smokey National Park established.
1934-1935 Tennessee Valley Authority Commercial and Industrial Buildings by Olmsted Brothers
1924-1942 Pickett State Rustic Park constructed by WPA (national register property).
1933 T.O. Fuller State Park established and developer in 1939 by CCC.
1934-1936 Rubee Jeffrey Pearse supervises park planning for the Tennessee Valley Authority.
1934 Norris to Nashville Parkway by Earle Sumner Draper
1934 Chickasaw State Park developed by the CCC.
1934 Norris Dam State Park developed by the CCC.
1935 Blue Ridge Parkway begins construction.
1935 Grundy Lakes State Park developed by the CCC.
1935 Montgomery Bell State Park developed by the CCC.
1936 Fall Creek Falls State Park developed by the CCC.
1937 Booker T. Washington State Park developed by the CCC.
1937 Cedar of Lebanon State Park developed by the CCC.
1937 Dixie Homes and Lauderdale Courts, public housing projects in Memphis. John F. Highberger, landscape architect.
1938 National Conference on State Parks held in Norris.
1938-1942 State Stone State Rustic Park constructed by WPA (national register property).
1938-1939 Laurel Spelman Rockefeller Memorial Great Smokey Mountain Gatlinburg by Olmsted Brothers.
1939 Ridgefield Farms in Kingsport by Olmsted Brothers.
1939 Riverview Park established in Chattanooga.
1939 Natchez Trace State Park established by CCC.
1939 Margaret and Hugo Dixon Garden (now the Dixon Gallery) by Hope Crutchfield in Memphis.
1940 Cumberland Gap National Historic Park established.
1944 Natchez Trace Parkway Master Plan.
1945 Oak Ridge National Laboratory established. Hubert Owens landscape architect.
1947 E.G. Hunter Residence Kingsport by Olmsted Brothers.
1948-1954 Philip Kerrigan, Jr. Residence Nashville by Olmsted Brothers.
1949-1952 Dennis Burial Plot in Kingsport by Olmsted Brothers.
1950 Mississippi River Parkway by Stanley William Abbott and the National Park Service
1950 Securities Company Commercial Buildings Kingsport by Olmsted Brothers.
1951-1955 Green Acres Shopping Center in Kingsport by Olmsted Brothers.
1953 Audubon Park established in Memphis.
1954 Links Hill Country Club in Greenville, Tennessee designed by Robert Trent Jones, Sr.
1956 Tennessee Gardens are featured in Treasury of American Gardens by James. M. Fitch and F. F. Rockwell including the Memphis residence of Mr. and Mrs. Vance Norfleet by Ewald Associates, “Wildings” the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Howe, and the Nashville residence of Mrs. George Weeks Hale.
1955 Harland Bartholemew Plan for Public Buildings in Memphis.
1956 Reflection Riding Arboretum and Botanical Garden created in Chattanooga by John and Margaret Chambliss.
1956-1957 Andrew Johnson National Historic Site Mission 66 Visitors Center Addition in Greeneville.
1957 W. C. Paul Arboretum established in Memphis by George Madlinger, landscape architect.
1957-1958 Great Smokey Mountains National Park Mission 66 Visitors Center
1958-1968 Jack Daniels Distillery in Lynchburg by Olmsted Brothers.
1959 Memphis Civic Center Plaza Plan, Walter A. J. Ewald was landscape architect on the team.
1960-1962 Fort Donelson National Battlefield Mission 66 Visitors Center
1960-1963 Stones River National Battlefield Mission 66 Visitors Center
1961 Rebel Railroad Theme Park opens in Pidgeon Forge (the future Dollywood)
1963 General Loop Neighborhood Plan by Clarke and Rapuano in Nashville.
c. 1965 Meditation Garden by Bernard Grenardier opens at Graceland.
1971 Gardens of William P. Hager of Memphis featured in Gardens of The American South by John Wedda including the J.S. Buxton and J. L. Kirkpatrick Residences.
1975 Shelby Farms Land Use Plan by Garrett Eckbo.
1982 Knoxville World’s Fair
1982 Mud Island River Park opens in Memphis.
1982 Master Plan for Reflection Riding by Thomas Kane.
1985 Japanese Garden in Audubon Park created in Memphis by Koichi Kawana.
1986 Mousetail Landing State Park created.
1986 Dollywood opens in Pidgeon Forge.
1992 Russell A. Adsit named an ASLA Fellow.
1992 David O. Lose named an ASLA Fellow.
1997 Tennessee Parks and Greenway Foundation established.
2001 Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum is formed on the grounds of the 1786 nurseries of Joe B. and C. B. Howell.
2002 Metropolitan Parks Plan for Memphis by WRT and Hawkins Partners.
2002 Jack Daniels Village Square BBQ Pavilion and Mulberry Creek Crossing in Lynchburg by Carol R. Johnson and Associates
2003 Memphis Waterfront Master Plan by Cooper, Robertson and Partners.
2003 University of the South Dining Hall and Central Area in Sawannee by Carol R. Johnson and Associates.
2003 National Civil Rights Museum, Memphis by SWA Group.
2004 Rhodes College Paul Barrett, Jr. Library and Palmer Quad in Memphis by Carol R. Johnson and Associates.
2005 Church Street and Capitol Boulevard Reconstruction in Nashville by Carol R. Johnson and Associates.
2006 Heritage Center Meadow Restoration, Oak Ridge National Laboratories by Carol R. Johnson and Associates.
2007 East Tennessee State University Summers-Taylor Soccer Stadium in Johnson City by Carol R. Johnson and Associates.
2008 Knoxville South Waterfront Public Improvements by Carol R. Johnson and Associates.
2009 Shelby Farms Memphis by Field Operations.
n.d. Memphis Chamber of Commerce City Plan by Olmsted Brothers.
n.d. Chattanooga City Plan and Parks by Olmsted Brothers.
n.d. Peabody College in Nashville by Olmsted Brothers.
n.d. Franklin Pike (the Estate of James C. Bradford) in Nashville by Olmsted Brothers.
n.d. R.R. Strong Residence Knoxville by Olmsted Brothers.
n.d. Knoxville Board of Commerce City Improvements by Olmsted Brothers.
n.d. E. R. Reynolds Estate in Bristol by Olmsted Brothers.
n.d. Miscellaneous Projects for Wilkinson and Wilkinson in Knoxville.
n.d. Briant J. Shwab Residence in Nashville by Olmsted Brothers.
n.d. Great Smoky Mountains National Park Gatlinburg by Olmsted Brothers.
n.d. Fairyland Subdivision in Chatanooga by Olmsted Brothers.
n.d. Dan Kiley consults on Vanderbilt Campus Plan
n.d. Knoxville Museum Vision Plan and Garden by Sasaki Associates
n.d. Chattanooga Waterfront Plan by Hargreaves Associates and Hawkins Partners.
n.d. Nashville Waterfront Plan by Hargreaves Associates and Hawkins Partners.
n.d. Vanderbilt University Master Plan by Sasaki Associates.


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