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Johannes Reimers, landscape gardener and artist (1856-1953)
By Kurt Culbertson 2008

Johannes Reimers was born in Norway on Dec. 31, 1856.[1] Reimers immigrated in 1885.He appears to have settled in California when quite young. He was an established painter and pastelist[2] at the time of his wedding in Oakland in 1883. Born in Bergen, Norway on Feb. 2, 1859, and after arriving in California in 1880, Marie Arentz wed Reimers in Oakland three years later.

Also a writer he published a novel set in Norway entitled Unto the Heights of Simplicity.[3] While a resident of San Francisco in 1907-19, he studied at the Institute of Art. His art work was exhibited in the Golden Gate Park Museum, 1915 and San Francisco Academy of Art, 1916-. His works are in the collection of the Oakland Art Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago. Displaying a wide range of interest, Reimers was an active participant in the Ruskin Club of the University of California[4] and maintaining a friendship with the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg.

As well as an artist, he was also landscape architect for the San Joaquin Division of the Santa Fe Railway. While it is not known what stations were within Reimers responsibility, the line ran from Los Angeles through Bakersfield to Stockton and on to the San Francisco bay area at Richmond. Living in Stockton at the time, he delivered a paper on railway gardening at the Pacific States Floral Congress in 1901.[5] He laid out the planting of Fresno’s Roeding Park, after the property was donated to the city in 1903.[6] The park was seventy-five acres at the time.[7] Apparently Reimers split time between Stockton and Berkeley. In 1905, he purchased lots 2, 3, and 4, Block 5, from The Berkeley Development Company in Hopkins Terrace.[8] In 1906, Reimers also designed Hobart Park in Fresno on Q Street between Divisadero and Merced Streets. [9] The commissioners of Mooney Park, a 100 acre tract of valley oaks, in Tulares retained Reimers in December 1910.[10] By 1910, Marie and Johannes had three children, Emma, Alita, and Henry E.[11]Reimers also designed the garden for the headquarters of Roeding’s California Nursery Company in the Old Adobe Building in Niles, California.[12]

Reimers was a good friend of writer, Jack London,[13] who often stayed with him when visiting Stockton.[14] On May 4, 1095, London spoke to the Critic Club at Reimers’ home in Stockton.[15] In the summer of 1906, Reimers supervised the planting of trees, vines, and shrubs, and a pyracantha hedge at the Wolf House[16] at what is now the Jack London Ranch State Historic Park.[17] Reimers also wrote one of the earliest reviews of London’s Call of the Wild.

Divorced from Marie, he was living in San Leandro by 1930.[18] Marie was living in Berkeley.[19] A self-taught artist, she began painting at age 69 while a resident of Berkeley. She exhibited locally with the Berkeley League of Fine Arts in 1929 and in 1930 sent 14 of her watercolors to Paris for exhibition. She was a resident of Berkeley until her death on Jan. 17, 1946.

Reimers died of pneumonia in San Leandro on Aug. 22, 1953. His son, Frederick Holberg Reimers was an architect and pastelist in Berkeley, California, designing many of the picturesque homes of Berkeley and the Piedmont hills. The William and Helen Reynolds house in Thousand Oaks was one of his significant works.

Major Projects:

Hobart Park, East Divisidero Street, Fresno, CA. c. 1906

Roeding Park, 890 W. Belmont Avenue, Fresno, CA. 93728, c. 1903. see

Mooney Grove Park, 27000 S. Mooney Boulevard, Visalia, CA. 93277, c. 1910.

Old Adobe Building Garden (home of California Nursery Company), Fresno, CA. c. 1923.

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