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Chronological Listing of the Works of George Edward Kessler [1862-1923]

Kurt Culbertson©1986

Project Address Location Date
Merriam Park Merriam Park, Kansas 1883
Woodmere Cemetery Addition Detroit, Michigan 1883
John Mastin Farm Grounds Johnson County, Missouri 1886
Charles Lewis Estate Detroit, Michigan 1887
Hyde Park Kansas City, Missouri 1887
Missouri Valley College Marshall, Missouri 1890
Park and Boulevard System Excelsior Springs, Missouri 1890
Roland Park, Phase One Baltimore, Maryland 1891
Henry Van Blunt Residence Kansas City, Missouri 1891
August Meyer Residence 2806 Independence Kansas City, Missouri 1891
Fairlawn Cemetery Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1892
Homer Reed Residence Kansas City, Missouri 1892
Mastin Residence Kansas City, Missouri 1892
Burgess Park Westport, Missouri 1892
Gardner Lanthrop Residence Kansas City, Missouri 1893
Park and Boulevard System Kansas City, Missouri 1893
Peoria Heights Peoria, Illinois 1894
Harley Park Boonville, Missouri 1897
Euclid Heights Cleveland, Ohio 1898
Gage Park Topeka, Kansas 1899
Park and Boulevard System Memphis, Tennessee 1900
Missouri State Fairgrounds Sedalia, Missouri 1900
Riverview Park Hannibal, Missouri 1900
Louisiana Purchase Exposition St.Louis, Missouri 1900-1904
"Missouri Colony for the Feeble
Minded and Epeleptic" Marshall, Missouri 1901
Riverside Park Memphis, Tennessee 1901
Overton Park Memphis, Tennessee 1901
Home for Aged People 22nd and Tracy Street Kansas City, Missouri 1901
Brunner Residence Kansas City, Missouri 1901
Smiley Residence 6 Riverside Drive Boonville, Missouri 1901
Chitaqua Assembly Carthage, Missouri 1902
Oaklawn Cemetery Little Rock, Arkansas 1902
Merrill Property Kansas City, Missouri 1902
Pavilion for South Springs Excelsior Springs, Missouri 1902
2nd Presbyterian Church Kansas City, Missouri 1902
Walnut Grove Cemetery Boonville, Missouri 1902
Epworth University Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 1903
R. Hinton Douglas Residence Valley Park, Missouri 1903
Governor Francis Residence 4421 Maryland Avenue St.Louis, Missouri 1903
University of Kansas Lawrence, Kansas 1904
Baker University Baldwin, Kansas 1904
Restoration of Forest Park St.Louis, Missouri 1905
Vanderbilt University Nashville, Tennessee 1905
Dundee Omaha, Nebraska 1905
Home for the Friendless St.Louis, Missouri 1905
Judge Crum Residence 555____ Avenue St.Louis, Missouri 1905
Park and Boulevard System Indianapolis, Indiana 1905
Washington University St.Louis, Missouri 1906
William Jewell College Liberty, Missouri 1906
Constitution Church 7th and Hall Kansas City, Missouri 1906
Old Folks Home Excelsior Springs, Missouri 1906
Park and Boulevard System Syracuse, New York 1096
Sunset Park Evansville, Indiana 1906
Mesker Park Evansville, Indiana 1906
Corbin Park Evansville, Indiana 1906
Ottawa University Ottawa, Kansas 1906
Untitled Shawnee, Kansas 1907
Bates Residence Fordyce, Arkansas 1907
Boice Residence Channing, Texas 1907
Parks Fort Smith, Arkansas 1907
Untitled (for Mr. Chamberlain) South Denver, Colorado 1907
Jones Residence Kansas City, Missouri 1907
Mt. Saint Scholastica Atchinson, Kansas 1907
University of Oklahoma Norman, Oklahoma 1907
Untitled Rodgers, Arkansas 1907
Cabanne Library 1106 Union Boulevard St.Louis, Missouri 1907
Masonic Home of Missouri 5351 Delmar St.Louis, Missouri 1907
St. Louis and Sub. RR and Courthouse St.Louis, Missouri 1907
Collins Flats St.Louis, Missouri 1907
Valley Park Hotel St.Louis, Missouri 1907
Untitled Concordia, Missouri 1907
Christian Science Church 475 N. Kingshighway St.Louis, Missouri 1907
Parks Ogden, Utah 1907
P.W. Emery Residence Lawrence, Kansas 1907
W. A. Rule Residence Kansas City, Missouri 1907
Fair Park Dallas, Texas 1907
Women's Magazine Building St.Louis, Missouri 1907
Farmington Hospital, No. 4 Farmington, Missouri 1907
Lancaster Park Jackson, Tennessee 1907
Sleepy Hollow Subdivision Omaha, Nebraska 1907
B. Nugent Residence Westmoreland Place St.Louis, Missouri 1907
James P. Dawson Residence St.Louis, Missouri 1907
C.H. Howard Residence St.Louis, Missouri 1907
Hortense Place St.Louis, Missouri 1907
C. H. Huttig Japanese Garden St.Louis, Missouri 1907
C.H. Spencer Residence St.Louis, Missouri 1907
D. H. Catlin Residence St.Louis, Missouri 1907
George O. Carpenter Residence St.Louis, Missouri 1907
George F. Tower Residence St.Louis, Missouri 1907
A.P. DeCamp Residence St.Louis, Missouri 1907
Dr. R.H. Jesse St.Louis, Missouri 1907
Kings Highway St.Louis, Missouri 1907
Brendonwood Indianapolis, Indiana 1907
Untitled Hot Springs, South Dakota 1907
Country Club District Kansas City, Missouri 1907
Park and Boulevard System Cincinnati, Ohio 1907
Park and Boulevard System Kansas City, Kansas 1907
J. G. Babb Residence Columbia, Missouri 1907
George S. Steeman Residence Westmoreland Place St.Louis, Missouri 1907
State Capitol Grounds Guthrie, Oklahoma 1907
Untitled Anderson, Indiana 1907
Untitled Shawnee, Kansas 1907
St. Joseph's Orphans Home St. Joseph, Missouri 1907
McGowan Residence Indianapolis, Indiana 1907
Dr. Haskell Residence Alton, Illinois 1907
River Des Peres Park St.Louis, Missouri 1907
State Asylum St. Joseph, Missouri 1907
City Plan Commission Report St. Louis, Missouri 1907
Jewish Hospital 216 South Kingshighway St.Louis, Missouri 1907
Missouri State Hospital 5400 Arsenal St. Louis, Missouri 1907
Missouri State Normal School Springfield, Missouri 1908
Campbell Residence Kansas City, Missouri 1908
Lincoln Park Pittsburg, Kansas 1908
Muskogee Country Club Muskogee, Oklahoma 1908
Capital Hill Subdivision Denver, Colorado 1908
Sunken Gardens Park Denver, Colorado 1909
Cheesman Memorial/Cheesman Park Denver, Colorado 1909
Denver Art Museum Denver, Colorado 1909
Mason Property Haddum, Arkansas 1909
R.R.S. Parsons Residence Bonne Terre, Missouri 1909
R. F. Scott Residence ? 1909
Washington Park Pavilion Denver, Colorado 1909
Park and Boulevard System Fort Worth, Texas 1909
Park and Boulevard System Denver, Colorado 1909
Park and Boulevard System Pensacola, Florida 1909
Kendall Property Kansas City, Missouri 1909
University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio 1909
Kentucky State Normal School Bowling Green, Kentucky 1909
Park Tarkio, Missouri 1909
Mississippi State University Starksville, Mississippi 1909
Westport High School Kansas City, Missouri 1909
Park and Boulevard System East St. Louis, Illinois 1910
Emerson Park East St. Louis, Illinois 1910
Jones Woods East St. Louis, Illinois 1910
Cameron Park Waco, Texas 1910
A.W. Grant Fort Worth, Texas 1910
Iowa State Fairgrounds 1910
University of Southern Mississippi Hattiesburg, Mississippi 1910
Lincoln Institute Jefferson City, Missouri 1910
University of Missouri Columbia, Missouri 1910
Mississippi College Clinton, Mississippi 1910
Cheesman Estate Denver, Colorado 1910
Untitled Dayton, Ohio 1910
Untitled Des Moines, Iowa 1910
Untitled Tyler, Texas 1910
Missouri State Capitol Jefferson City, Missouri 1911
Rim Railroads Grand Canyon, Arizona 1911
W. K. Bixby Residence St. Louis, Missouri 1911
Park and Boulevard System Fort Wayne, Indiana 1911
Comprehensive Plan Dallas, Texas 1911
College of Emporia Emporia, Kansas 1911
Palisades Parkway New York State 1911
Park and Boulevard System Hamilton, Ohio 1912
Ludlow Park Hamilton, Ohio 1912
Hutchinson Fairgrounds Hutchinson, Kansas 1912
Memorial Grounds/Ethical Society St. Louis, Missouri 1912
Niagara Reservation Niagara, New York 1912
University of Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky 1912
Miami University Oxford, Ohio 1912
Baptist College Shanghai, China 1912
Park and Boulevard System St. Joseph, Missouri 1912
Park and Boulevard System South Bend, Indiana 1912
Park and Boulevard System Hamilton, Ohio 1912
Samuel Residence St. Joseph, Missouri 1912
Prospect Park St. Joseph, Missouri 1913
Delbert J. Haff Residence Kansas City, Missouri 1913
Siloam Gardens Excelsior Springs, Missouri 1914
Crown Hill Cemetery Kansas City, Missouri 1914
Washburn University Topeka, Kansas 1914
Riverside Park Independence, Kansas 1914
Hugh Stephens Residence Jefferson City, Missouri 1914
Irwin Park Edinburgh, Indiana 1915
Untitled Detroit, Michigan 1915
Parks South Omaha, Nebraska 1915
Farm for Boys Independence, Missouri 1915
Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana 1915
Hermann Park Houston, Texas 1915
Shadyside Subdivision Houston, Texas 1915
Cleveland Park Houston, Texas 1916
East Baldwin Park Houston, Texas 1916
Settegast Park Houston, Texas 1916
Highland Park (formerly Woodland Park) Houston, Texas 1916
Untitled Peru, Indiana 1916
Rose Polytechnic University Terre Haute, Indiana 1916
Highland Park, Phase II Dallas, Texas 1916
Munson Park Denison, Texas 1917
Forest Park Denison, Texas 1917
Development for E.M. Ashton Salt Lake City, Utah 1917
U.S. Housing Corporation Davenport, Iowa 1918
U.S. Housing Corporation Rock Island, Illinois 1918
U.S. Housing Corporation Moline, Illinois 1918
U.S. Housing Corporation East Moline, Illinois 1918
Comprehensive Plan Sherman, Texas 1919
Consultant to Plan Commission Salt Lake City, Utah 1919
Comprehensive Plan Wichita Falls, Texas 1921
Park and Boulevard System Terre Haute, Indiana 1921
Young Residence Mineral Wells, Texas 1922
Comprehensive Plan Longview, Washington 1922
Butler University Indianapolis, Indiana 1923
Chapultepec Heights Mexico City, Mexico 1923
Comprehensive Plan El Paso, Texas 1923
Park and Boulevard System Springfield, Ohio 1923


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Hello. I'm doing some research on Henry Wright who worked under Kessler from 1902-1909. Specifically,I am trying to discern Wright's contributions to Kessler's work. I would be grateful if you would be willing to share any information on the topic. Please contact me at Thank you very much.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you have or know about Kesssler files pertaining to the development of Cameron Park of Waco, TX?

Thomas L. Charlton
Baylor University

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